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How do I find my purpose in life?

Today I typed into Google, “How do I find my purpose in life?” There were pages and pages and pages of sites offering solutions. The quantity of solutions on offer indicates that there is a huge demand to know your purpose in life.

But the solutions given were scary stuff. I pictured a confused person trying to use Google for an answer to the big question. They’d be utterly confused by all the choices. Almost all the methods given online told people to do lots of thinking. That will not only add further uncertainty and doubt, but it is dangerous.

Some of the advice given online to find your purpose in life included; “Ask yourself what pain or injustice or unhappiness you witnessed that you just can’t live with”, or, “Find out what you are willing to sacrifice for”. Questions like these are not only deeply introverting but also miss the point of what a life’s purpose really is. It is not about sacrificing yourself. A purpose like that just gets you sacrificed and when that happens, you can’t do much about your purpose.

Another suggested question to ask yourself was, “What activities are you currently doing that you enjoy?”. I know some people who would answer that question with, “That’s easy, drinking beer!”. Personally, I enjoy gardening, bonsai and fishing. None of these would qualify as a purpose IN LIFE.

Wikihow listed some really bad questions such as, “Question yourself.” That’s what it said. Have a lovely conversation with yourself.  Do that too often and people will come and lock you up. Wikihow also said to, “Stop trying to please others.” That again is a tricky question. Of course, a person could be so concerned about others they neglect themselves, but surely benefitting others must be a part of any life purpose.

After several decades spent helping thousands of people to find and follow their purpose in life, I can tell you with great certainty that:

  1. Sitting and thinking about it is NOT the way to discover it. It can make you even less certain and less happy.
  2. Finding your purpose in life is an extroverted activity. You must spend time out and about, looking at the world and discovering what you want to bring to it. Look at people; their activities, their possessions, their efforts, their successes and difficulties.
  3. If you get active and involved in life, and observe it well, a purpose can reveal itself.
  4. False purposes and false goals are continually pushed on people. Like clothing fashions, commonly promoted goals and purposes follow trends. The ‘60’s pushed peace and love, the ‘90’s were about attaining wealth. Now it’s how to be cool and that means the right body image, diet and a correctly wired brain. These goals and purposes are so widely promoted that a person’s own purpose in life gets buried and squashed and the promoted purposes seem to be the thing to pursue. It then becomes tough for a person to discover their own true purpose, or to find again one they did have but lost.
  5. Most people require help to find their true purpose in life. With so much apparent guidance on offer, choosing the right help is vital.

We have hundreds of examples of spectacular successes from following our Life Plan program. This program guides a person to not only find their purpose in life, but also how to successfully follow it. Knowing it is one thing, how to attain it is perhaps an even bigger problem.

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