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Organisation Design

Most organisational charts contain only post titles and show who is whose boss. They may also provide a vague idea of divisions and departments. None truly reflect the real workflows and communication channels. They are not based on a thorough analysis of the processes and products of each post, section, department and division of the organisation. Each time there is a change in the organisation’s functions or personnel a new organisation pattern must be developed with a new and different structure. This can be very confusing to the staff and very wasteful of resources. In extreme cases, in some companies, the staff may be issued a new organisation chart every few weeks!

With the correct organising pattern every necessary aspect of a company’s activities are considered and covered. Related actions are grouped sensibly and roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Another aspect of this pattern is that the basic design does not change as the company expands. When there are few staff members in the company, each person holds many posts within his division. They hold all unmanned posts below them. As the company grows new staff members are added to the posts with the most traffic. This pattern can be used for very small organisations to ones of several thousand personnel.

This organising pattern also defines the flow lines of communications, customers, parts, products and so on through the organisation.

Any staff member can see exactly who is responsible for what actions by simply scanning the chart.

A company, organised according to this pattern, rapidly becomes more efficient, more harmonious and can expand unhindered.


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