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Personnel Assessment

A major difficulty encountered in business today is to find the right person for the job. Staff members and new recruits may seem suitable but then they fall short in some vital way. Time and money are lost while the less-than-suitable staff member holds the position. Then there are further losses while a replacement is found.

Organisation Technology can assess suitability for any position in an organisation by using several time-proven testing methods. All that is required is a detailed description of the post and the test answers. A detailed summary can then be provided of the person’s personality and abilities and a definite answer regarding the person’s suitability for that position.

Personnel Potential Analysis

The Personnel Potential Analysis provides a personality profile in graphical form as well as detailed descriptions of particular traits the person may have.

Intelligence (IQ)

The intelligence quotient test describes basic problem solving skills


This test measures general awareness. This gives an assessment of the likelihood of errors and accidents. It also provides a guide to accuracy in duplicating written and spoken communications.


Leadership is a frequently misunderstood subject. It is sometimes mistaken for dominance or cleverness. This test measures one’s ability to take broad directions from the most senior management and translate them into real accomplishment. Leaders are vital in any company. Identifying them is of prime importance.


Some people concentrate on “being” something. They work solely for position or status. Others are fixated on “doing”. They are continuously busy but may produce very little. To be successful companies need “producers”. These think in results. The Productivity Test identifies real producers.


Poor literacy is often hidden. Many people can appear to read well enough but when examined can explain very little of what they have just read. Such people lack comprehension. The ability to read and comprehend are vital in many roles especially those of management.

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